General Park Accessibility

Area parks and communities are passionate about providing access to the White River to as many people as possible, and promoting an accessible recreational and cultural environment that encourages a unique sense of place for the entire community. Below is a list of key accessible features of Central Indiana’s parks.

Family, Community, Museum, or Nature Center

These parks offer accessible gathering spaces:

Trails & Views


These parks have paved or compacted stone, ADA-compliant trails. Note that not all trails in these parks are necessarily accessible, but at least one is:

River Overlook or Views

These parks provide views of the White River, either from accessible riverside trails or overlook platforms:

Fishing & Boating

Boat Dock

These parks offer an accessible boat dock during normal river conditions:

Fishing Platform or Pier

These parks offer an accessible platform from which you can fish in the White River during normal river conditions:



These parks have at least one accessible playground or structure:

Pool/Water Feature

These parks offer an accessible swimming pool, splash pad, or other water feature during the warm season:


These parks have a parking lot that is either paved or compacted stone with dedicated disabled parking spaces:


These parks have permanent, ADA-compliant restrooms open at least during daylight hours:

Other Accessibility Features and Information

Accessibility means more than physical access and infrastructure. For specific questions regarding auditory, visual or cognitive needs please reach out to us.

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