Ecology & Restoration

Stewarding the health of the White River.

A Vital Resource all Life Depends On

The White River is beautiful and provides plenty of recreational and cultural opportunities along it. But more importantly, the river is a complex ecosystem that provides many important ecological functions like wildlife migration and foraging corridors, nesting and reproductive habitat for everything from bats to mink to turtles and more. It’s also at the very heart of our own human existence in central Indiana.

River Restoration Projects

Since the late 1990s when the river was identified as one of the nation’s most threatened rivers and was devastated by a criminal toxic discharge that killed millions of fish, grassroots groups, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies have been working to restore the river.

Nature & Ecology

The river ecosystem is home to hundreds of plants and animals that depend on its health for their survival.

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Water Quality

The good news is water quality has been improving for the past several decades and current projects like the DigIndy tunnel system will significantly reduce pollution into the river. Still, much work remains to make the river healthier and cleaner for both wildlife and people.

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